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The first petition

In an earlier quest for signatures, we had a great start with many people showing their support, and we had many people working to spread the word throughout the different automobile forums and even some news channels.


We do plan on introducing a new petition on the whitehouse website in the future, but we plan on rounding up our participants early on.  As a side note for those of you who are not aware, the petitions are required to have a response at 100,000 (corrected) votes but are not going to guarantee a response we may be looking for or even set in motion a immediate change.  The whitehouse petitions are not required to have an actual response if they choose to not address the question at hand and the petition will end up with a “beat around the bush” type of answer.  The petition is designed to get the attention of the administration and the legislators that are important in making these changes and show them that there are people ready to fight for this change.

This is an excerpt from Jalopnik.com of the original petition:

“The Department of Homeland Security spends a shockingly disproportionate amount of its budget not on security initiatives, but on customs seizures. In particular, importers of grey-market vehicles have been targeted by monies taxpayers have intended to be used to secure our country against terrorism and terrorist activity. We call upon the Executive Branch to immediately cease this wasteful activity, and furthermore to change the DOT/EPA exemption time on grey-market vehicles from 25 years to 15 years (to match the vehicle regulations of Canada), recognizing that the 25-year rule was enacted due to support from special interests such as Mercedes Benz North America.”

Unfortunately, at this time we do not have the specifics on the original author.  If you were the author of the original petition, please e-mail rpk2012@gmail.com .


As for Mercedes, in the 80′s Mercedes had the 380SEL available for sale in the US while the rest of the world was able to enjoy the 500SEL.  Due to this, the grey market exploded with over 20,000 Mercedes vehicles being imported into the US outside of the dealer market.  This caused Mercedes and lawmakers to work hand in hand at closing the door on our import market.   This was merely a loss in sales in a specific market due to the lack of availability, and Mercedes was still profiting at a global level.  I feel that if Mercedes had put an effort out to bring in cars that were desirable here in the US, they would not of had an issue or loss of sales in the USA.


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